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Here, at modXstitch you will discover the perfect combination of unique and unusual modern cross stitch designs. The selection of colourful and intricate patterns will bring your stitching projects to life! So get ready to be inspired to craft one-of-a-kind art!

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  • Patterns compatible with Pattern Keeper
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  • Zero waste website – 1 tree planted for every order 🌳
  • Safe & secure ordering with Instant download
  • More affordable patterns for your favourite pastime
  • Unique highly detailed designs not found anywhere else

Discover the perfect mix of modern and classic with full-coverage modern cross stitch patterns ! Get that timeless look with plenty of contemporary flair. Make a statement with a unique stitch!

modern cross stitch by modXstitch – Creating stunning modern cross stitch designs with 15+ years of charting experience and expertise.

This unique range offers modern cross stitch patterns for every interest. Including extra-large and jumbo for the brave-hearted. And with most designs available in various sizes, it’s never been easier to find the perfect project.

In addition, all patterns are now compatible with the Pattern Keeper App.

Are you ready to take on a challenge? Do you have a desire for fantasy patterns? Perhaps you’re an animal lover! Or maybe you have a favourite TV show you would lover to stitch! In fact, why not check out the variety of themes available above.

You can now choose a design you love and have it turned into a Diamond Painting chart! So why not send me a message and see if your favourite pattern can be converted into a drill-filled masterpiece and enjoy the fun and satisfaction of creating stunning, bejewelled art!

However, you maybe concerned about how the patterns stitch up? Then why not take a look at the examples in the finished stitches gallery which are all stitched by other customers!

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Also you’ll find two galleries which you can view. The first one called Finished stitches and another called Works in Progress. You can also upload your WiPs and finishes to them!

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Also, why not join the group at Facebook | modXstitch Official Group. Then you can connect with other stitchers. Additionally, you can share your WIPs and Finishes. Hence helping others see how the patterns stitch up.

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