Supernatural 3 pattern

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“Saving people, hunting things” This Supernatural 3 pattern has all the important (good) characters from Supernatural – Castiel (the angel), Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jack and, of course, ‘Baby’ (Dean’s pride and joy, Impala).  This pattern is available in 2 different combinations including cross stitch regular & XL.
Each sale includes B&W chart

Design sizing

Cross Stitch
regular – 355 x 500 stitches Xlarge – 532 x 750 stitches
14ct – 65 x 91cm (26″ x 36″) 14ct – 97 x 137cm (38″ x 54″)
18ct – 51 x 71cm (20″ x 28″) 18ct – 76 x 106cm (30″ x 42″)
22ct – 41 x 58cm (17″ x 23″) 22ct – 62 x 87cm (25″ x 35″)

Cross stitch pattern created using DMC colours & CXC colours (except the newer colours added since 2017)
Diamond painting pattern created using Diamond Dotz colours & DMC (pre 2017) colours.

If the design size or chart type you want is not listed please get in touch.  I may be able to make it!

I’m also in the process of creating diamond painting charts for my patterns but it is a lengthy process
If there’s a particular pattern you want to do in diamond painting, drop me a note here and I’ll pop it to the top of the list!

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Supernatural 3 cross stitch patterns

PDF contents

…Aida sizing guide for 14ct, 18ct & 22ct, …Thread shopping list for all aida sizes stated, …Symbol guide, …Chart (of course!), Each diamond painting PDF file includes…

General pattern info

Digital pattern in a PDF file format Please see images for all material count sizes, Charts compatible with Pattern Keeper app, Cross stitch pattern created using DMC colours & CXC colours (except the newer colours added since 2017)

Design size

Cross Stitch – Regular, Cross Stitch – XL

Chart designer


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amy Ferdinands
Awesome looking but big

Looks very much like supernatural but quite big

Carolyn Norkus
Supernatural 3: Decisions, Decisions

So many great patterns at modXstitch: hard to pick the first one to start! Wonderful services.

Supernatural 3

Very easy to read pattern and pattern keeper compatible. Just had to add the colour numbers. Looking forward to stitching this ☺️