About the cross stitch patterns

All the stitching patterns on this site are in cross stitch with just a few black work and tapestry. I’m slowly adding them as diamond painting too! Each pattern comes as a PDF file which printable (on several sheets of paper – good quality printing recommended) but is also compatible with Pattern Keeper app for Android.

Cross stitch patterns

The contents of each PDF file includes:

The front page with colour picture.
Info on how to layout the chart pages
symbol guide
DMC thread shopping list & aida size guides for 14, 18 & 22 count
The black & white chart. The newer patterns also come in colour charts for those who prefer.

DMC thread is available in both online & high street shops. CXC thread uses the same numbers as DMC (pre 2017) and is substantially less expensive. It can be bought online. A good place for CXC thread I have found is AliExpress. I am testing it out on a pattern I’m stitching and you can read more about that on my blog

Diamond painting patterns

The contents of each PDF file includes:

The front page with colour picture.
Info on how to layout the chart pages
symbol guide for both Diamond Dotz and DMC (pre2017)
Drills shopping list and 10 count material size guide.
Both black & white and colour charts.

Diamond Dotz are available online and in shops as round drills and as of the time of writing this, are starting to make square drills too. DMC numbers are used for other brands of drills which are usually not as expensive as Diamond Dotz. These cheaper drills come in both square and round forms and can be easily bought online. I find AliExpress a great place to shop for drills. the pre-glued material is ow available quite widely on the web.

Design sizes

Although quicker to complete and cheaper to do, the smaller design sizes are less sharp in detail. I have tried, where possible, to make the smaller patterns as good as they can be. The pictures shown are mock-ups and show how the pattern at that size will look when complete
On the other side of things, XL and jumbo patterns are exactly that. Very, very big but excellent detail
Check out some of the WiPs that customers have shared. Or join the group at Facebook | modXstitch Official Group where you can chat with other stitchers as well as share your WIPs & Finishes.

Points to remember

When buying the material, always add around 5cm-10cm (your preference) per side (all 4 sides!) for the border and frame area.
Cross stitch skeins come in 8m with 6 strands. The shopping list knows this and calculates assuming the stitches are done with 2 strands
So if, for example, the pattern calls for 12m of 310 black – you will need 2 skeins (16m) of that colour.

Cross stitching basics

Below you’ll find diagrams on how to do the three basic stitches found in my patterns.

Thanks for reading.


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