The Original Four cross stitch patterns expertly created by Sam

The Original Four is a spine-chilling pattern that comes as a full coverage pattern with no back-stitching.
Additionally, the Original Four is available in 2 different design sizes – cross stitch regular & XL
And each sale includes both B&W and colour charts

Design sizing

Cross Stitch
regular – 341 x 500 stitches – 100 colours Xlarge – 511 x  750 stitches – 100 colours
14ct – 62 x 91cm (25″ x 36″) 14ct – 93 x 137cm (37″ x 54″)
18ct – 49 x 71cm (19″ x 28″) 18ct – 73 x 106cm (29″ x 42″)
22ct – 40 x 58cm (16″ x 23″) 22ct – 60 x 87cm (24″ x 35″)

Cross stitch pattern created using both DMC colours & CXC colours (except the newer colours added since 2017)
Please do indeed get in touch if, in the event of perusing the patterns,  the design size or chart type you want is not listed. I may be able to make it!
And I’m also in the process of creating diamond painting charts for my patterns, however, given that there are quite a few on the website, it is a lengthy process.  So if there’s a particular pattern you want to do in diamond painting, don’t hesitate to drop me a note here and I’ll pop it to the top of the list!

However, if you don’t know where to start then check out about the patterns for more info.
Not sure how the patterns stitch up or looking for inspiration?  Why not check out the Finished Stitches gallery

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Just to clarify, this sale is for the downloadable PDF pattern only – no material or threads are included!
All sales are final

The Original Four
The Original Four

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The Original Four cross stitch patterns expertly created by Sam

Chart designer


PDF contents

Each PDF file includes…
…Aida sizing guide for 14ct, 18ct & 22ct – cross stitch
…Canvas sizing guide for 10ct – diamond painting
…Thread shopping list for all aida sizes stated – cross stitch
…Drills shopping list for DMC & Diamond Dotz- diamond painting
…Symbol guide
…Chart (of course!)

Pictures are in virtual stitches – mock-ups
Sale is for the PDF pattern only

General pattern info

Digital pattern in a PDF file format Please see images for all material count sizes, Charts compatible with Pattern Keeper app, Cross stitch pattern created using DMC colours & CXC colours (except the newer colours added since 2017), Diamond painting pattern created using Diamond Dotz colours & DMC (pre 2017) colours.

Design size

Cross Stitch – Regular, Cross Stitch – XL